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"The Tension Experience" in Los Angeles
« on: September 03, 2016, 08:48:35 pm »
You are Invited
We invite you to enter the doors of the O.O.A. Institute, a mysterious organization that promises enlightenment, but at what cost? Nothing is quite what it seems and something sinister lurks behind every welcoming smile…
Participants lucky enough to be permitted inside will discover fervent disciples, tasks that probe and chronicle the darkest recesses of their mind and, sometimes, unexplainable terror.
Individual decisions will unravel whether this is a true path to enlightenment or merely an elaborate trap set by a dangerous cult.
Ascension is more than immersive theater, more than a haunted house and more than anything you could possibly imagine.  It is a journey into darkness with the possibility of being reborn in the light.

Es ist "mehr als ein immersives Theater" von Darren Bousman, Emilie ist wohl auch involviert. Tickets kosten $125, zwei Stunden wird man durch individuelle Entscheidungen durch einen Parcours mit 30 Schauspielern gelotst, die unangenehme Situationen vorbereitet haben, die man überstehen muss, um die persönliche Erleuchtung zu erlangen.
Was haltet ihr davon?
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